Langley Speedway Historical Society About Us
The Langley Speedway Historical Society (LSHS)is a registered, non-profit society, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Langley Speedway, collecting photos, video and memorabilia. Langley Speedway was once the most famous oval track in this region. It should not be forgotten or destroyed. Our intent is to be sure everyone knows about Langley Speedway.

If you have an interest in helping with any future projects, please contact us and add your name to our list of volunteers! It will be appreciated.

If you have photos, programs, or film footage to share, please contact us. We will be happy to scan or copy any materials you may provide and return the originals in the same condition as they were presented to us.

We are now accepting membership applications. You can contact us through email, or look for us at a car show or trade show.